2013-14 Season Analytical Writings


Kentucky's loss last night to #143 South Carolina is arguably Coach Calipari's most embarrassing loss since he arrived at UK, and probably Kentucky's fourth most embarrassing loss over the last 12 seasons. The Calipari era has been marked by seven relatively inexplicable losses in five seasons. One season was free of such losses, and the 2012-13 team had four, but three of them occurred after the team lost Nerlens Noel. Excluding those three losses, the Calipari teams have suffered one such loss each season except the 2012 Championship year. Yes, Robert Morris was ranked lower than South Carolina at #144 last year when the UK team lost at Robert Morris, sans-Noel, but that qualification alone elevates the South Carolina loss to Calipari's most embarrassing.

The most prolific head shakers occurred during Gillispie's two seasons, with 6 such losses, three in each season. The loss to #203 Georgia by 5 on Senior night beats out the loss to #205 Garner Webb the year before only because of the significance of senior night to the UK program over the years. The loss to #150 VMI at home has to be more perplexing, if only by a small amount, than last night's loss at South Carolina. Therefore, the Calipari loss to South Carolina last night would be the fourth most embarrassing UK loss of the last 12 seasons.

Interestingly, despite the criticism leveled upon him by a disgruntled fan base, Tubby Smith's last 5 teams did not sustain a single loss to a team with a rating above 90.

Submitted by Richard Cheeks


Submitted by Richard Cheeks


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