2013-14 Season Analytical Writings

Dear Wildcats And Coach Calipari

No one likes to eat crow. However, there are times and situations that demand it. For me, this is one of those times; one of those situations. I have been very outspoken on the Vaught's Views for weeks, indeed months, expressing my doubts and disappointments about the current team, and particularly Coach Calipari.

So without any additional fanfare or delay, and with humility, I am sorry.

I am sorry that I did not stay on the bandwagon.

I am sorry that I did not give my public support for this group of players and their coaches.

Just so there is no misunderstanding about the scope of my apology, I am not sorry, nor do I have any reason to be sorry about the game projections I make or the methods I have developed. Those methods, and those projections remain very reliable and those methods are sound analytics. I assure each of my critics that I get no pleasure when an analysis projects any UK loss. I am dismayed about an upcoming game even when the projected margin of victory is “too small” for comfort.

However, the work I do is just that, work. To be sure, it is a labor of love because I am studying the great game of college basketball, using the Kentucky Program as my model, in a way that intensifies my respect for those who play and coach this game. That is why I remain committed to the methodology and writing about it. As hard as it may be for some fans to understand, I am able to keep my fandom and my labor of love separate even though they are interconnected.

I will continue to post these analyses at Vaught's View for so long as Larry will welcome these contributions, and for so long as the Good Lord permits this old member of the Big Blue Nation to remain on this earth.

Submitted by Richard Cheeks


Submitted by Richard Cheeks


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