The ascent to the pinnacle of a sport is similar to mountain climbing.

The process requires dedication, preparation and planning

And for some, they will only view the peak from the valley below

For those who dare to be great, the first step is to haul their supplies, tents, and equipment to Camp Mediocrity

No serious assault upon the mountain can begin from the valley view, and all real planning begins here. Some however are satisfied by the view they get from Mediocrity, and go no further.

For those wanting more, they learn quickly that they must reach the Base Camp

This is a climb that can be lonely, and is usually a solitary process

But the views will be awesome on this journey

The goal is to become a permanent resident of the Base Camp

From which you can mount regular assaults upon the peak of the Mountain

Only the truly fit and committed can begin a final ascent

Conference Championships Are Part of the Climb, But ...

These Championships are NOT the Pinnacle

Sometimes the Climb to the Top Challenges YOU to simply Hang On

Or Fall and Fail

With Each New Assault to the Top, You May Reach a New Peak
A New Personal Best

But, it is still not THE PINNACLE

The Sweet Sixteen Have Established Their Own Base Camp, and

Their View of the World is Unique and Rare

For Serious Climbers, the Elite Eight Base Camp is a Must, but

The Conditions Can be Spartan
But the Views from the Elite Eight Base Camp

Are Stunning

This is where Programs Really Launch Their Final Assaults Upon the Pinnacle

Only The Strong Will Succeed

And Reach the Final Four Base Camp

Only Two Can Attempt that Final Climb Together

And Only One Will Truly Reach The Pinnalce


The Journey To Simply View the Mountain Can be Exciting and Satisfying. Many will be satisfied by that journey to the foothills. But it is a longer, tougher journey from the valley view to the pinnacle, and few make serious attempts, and even fewer reach stand on that final peak.

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