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Coach Gillispie Discusses the Upcoming Season
With Larry Vaught

Here are the questions, and excerpts
from the Coach's full answers

The Key exchange included this insight about Coach Gillispie's philosophy

... they have to get up shots,
play and get in better condition and continue to get stronger ...

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What will be reasonable expectations for your first year at Kentucky?

...  A reasonable expectation is to right now complete our roster ... and get better every single day. If you do that, ... then you are going to overachieve ... and that is what I would expect from this team ....

Do you plan Internet chat sessions, more radio show appearances or even having your own Web site as a way to communicate with fans?

... I like getting out and meeting people face to face ...

Are there more people that want to meet you here?


How have you adjusted to life in general at Kentucky from events like the Kentucky Derby to media attention to fan attention?

I have been gone too much to really know what life in Kentucky will be like ... I know I will have a great time living here.

Did you give the returning players specific goals to achieve by the end of the summer?

They will be back in June and  ... I wanted them to take a deep breath and get ready to go ...

We have had a couple of general conversations with each player about what they have to do to get better but not a lot of specifics so far. They know ... they have to get up shots, play and get in better condition and continue to get stronger ...

Since your players will help work your basketball camps this summer, is that a time you can get to know your players better?

... any time you get to spend with anyone is an opportunity to learn, if you are using the opportunity to your advantage ...


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