1977-78 National Champions
With Autographs of 13 of 14 Players and Coach Parsons

The owner of this special treasure obtained the autographs of Coach Dick Parsons and 13 of the 14 players on the 1977-78 UK championship basketball team while at a softball game which occurred during the 10th year reunion of the team in the summer of 1988. The autographs were placed on page 112 of the TCP Kentucky Basketball Yearbook 1983-84. That page was devoted to the 1978 team, stats of the championship game and schedule of the team. The only missing autograph from that team is that of Chuck Aleksinas. Obtaining the autographs was actually a stroke of luck and due to Dwayne Casey's good nature. 

The owner of this special page was at the softball game, when he overheard Dwayne Casey tell his teammates that he had forgotten his glove. He informed Dwayne that he had his baseball glove in the car and offered it to him to use. At the conclusion of the game he asked for Dwayne for his autograph.  He not only complied, but also obtained the other player's augtographs.  Since Aleksinas' autograph is the only one missing, the owner of this special document believes that Chuck either was not at the game or had already left. 

All signatures are fairly legible with the exception perhaps of Chris Gettlefinger and one thought to be that of Mike Phillips.

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submitted by Eric Petty


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