The Vision:

To preserve and protect the history and traditions of this program for future generations of UK Basketball fans through the eyes, ears, and pens of the fans who have enjoyed the program in their own walk as a Cat fan.

Commentary About The Vision

The UK Basketball program has been the source of great enjoyment for several generations of Cat Fans. In addition, the UK Basketball program has been a source of great state pride for many decades. As a result, UK basketball has a fan base that is second to none in the world.  The fan base does have high expectations, and the fans take Kentucky Basketball very seriously.  It is clear that these high expectations are created from the history and traditions that UK basketball has created.

While all fans are bonded by their love for UK Basketball, generational differences have become apparent within the Big Blue Nation in recent years.  Fans who experienced Coach Rupp first hand have different expectations for the program than fans who joined the Nation during the tenures of Coaches Hall, Sutton, Pitino, or Smith.   The Vision is to impart a uniformity of history and tradition for all fans regardless of age, tenure, or prior knowledge.

The Mission: exists to provide a sole source repository of the history, traditions, and lore of the UK Basketball program from the experience of the fans who have witnessed it first hand to establish and maintain proper expectations of excellence for the UK Basketball program.  The Site will pursue its Mission with historical accounts, current news, editorials, and analysis of the Wildcats and the game they play.

Commentary About The Mission

This site will not appear in complete form, instanteously.  Rather, this site will evolve and develop over time as fans discover the material currently available and identify additional material that would enhance the Mission.  From modest beginnings, ........  In fact this site will never be "finished" but a work in process.

Many Big Blue Fans joined the Big Blue Nation prior to 1972 and had the great honor and pleasure to watch Coach Rupp at work, even if only during the last years of his career. Coach Rupp wanted to win as badly as any coach ever in the game. He understood that winning required players, and he sought the best available. He understood that talent will expose weakness in an opponent when the talent can play at an elevated pace.

Many of the fans that will contribute to this site became fans in the 1950s, and some can even trace their personal Big Blue heritage back into the 40s.  Those who saw Rupp in his prime have so much to offer, and this site is committed to providing them a forum to tell their stories about UK Basketball so that those formative years, indeed the glory years of UK's history and traditions can be preserved for future generations of Wildcat fans.

Many of these Rupp era fans are saddened by the current state of the UK Basketball program.  They see that program's greatest asset, its committed fan base, is deeply split in 2006 due to concerns about the current state of the program, and the future based on current trends.  No fan relishes the idea of the UK program going into a sustained and prolonged period of decline in which it does not seriously compete for national championships. UCLA experienced it. Indiana experienced it.  N C State has fallen upon hard times.  There is a long list of once proud programs that no longer sustain a national competitiveness. 

But none of them is UK, the UK that Rupp established as the premier program in the land, and the program that Joe B. Hall and Rick Pitino sustained during their tenures spanning three decades with five final fours, two championships, and two runner-ups.  It should not an acceptable answer for UK fans to simply accept such a premise as possible much less inevitable.

Many have been fans for 40, 50, 60, and yes some for over 70 years.  Other UK Basketball fans are just beginning their life long association with Kentucky basketball. Regardless of age and tenure, we are all fans of UK Basketball. Each generation of fans has a duty to demand excellence from those in official charge of the program so the program's excellence can be enjoyed by future generations of Big Blue UK Basketball Fans.


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