Welcome To The Effort To Stop the Cheating
That Has Been a Major Hallmark of the NCAA
For Decades. As a Big Blue Fan,
It Is Past Time To Proclaim "Enough Is Enough"


UNCCHeaters Information

2017 NCAA Tournament Cheating

Recommended Changes for NCAA


Over a decade ago, Concerned Fans 4 UK Basketball joined forces to force Tubby Smith To Leave UK so UK basketball could return to the elite status it has earned and away for the mediocrity that defined Tubby Smith's fraud upon the Big Blue Nation. In less than 9 months from the start of the Concerned Fans work, Tubby Smith tucked tail and ran away to that waiting airplane. If you want to relive that entire experience, click this link.



When debuted in June 2006, I simultaneously announced that a group of Concerned Fans would use this website as its internet platform to advocate a change in the head coaching position for the Basketball Program. Concerned Fans expressed their clear vision that the program would not return to national prominence so long as Tubby Smith remained at the helm of the UK program, and expressed confidence that the right man in that chair would return UK to prominence.

On March 22, 2007, a mere 9 months later, Concerned Fans For UK Basketball achieved its only goal as Tubby Smith resigned and ran to a waiting plane at Blue Grass Airport to make his escape to Minnesota. At that time, Concerned Fans Closed Its Membership Roles while it monitored how the program responded. The rest is history, with a return to the final four in 2011, and the program's 8th National Championship in 2012. Following John Calipari's 6th season, the Cats have played in 4 Final Fours, winning the championship in 2012. In 2015, the Cats rewrote the record books, 31-0 regular season, and 38-0 before falling short of the program's 9th championship in the Final Four.

Yes, Concerned Fans were right. UK is the premier program in all of the land once again. The return to glory required four seasons before the Final Four saw another UK team, and five seasons to bring home the trophy. Looking ahead to the 2020 season, the Cats again boast the nation's #1 recruiting class for the 7th time in Calipari's first 11 recruiting crops. The Cats will again enter the season as a concensus #1 or #2 pick.

UK fans must remember the past, good and bad, and remain vigilant that the mistakes known today as the Tubby Smith Era must not be allowed to ever repeat. This is why this site will always preserve the documentation of the activities of the Concerned Fans movement. Concerned Fans members have a quiet confidence about the important role they played in rescuing the UK Basketball program from the mediocrity that Tubby Smith embraced.

Please maintain your vigilance. The program must NEVER repeat this set of mistakes. One way to remain vigilant is to know this part of UK basketball history, which the Concerned Fans Activities document. Use the "Concerned Fans" Navigation Button in the Left Frame to access this section of our cyber-museum.

Oh, yes, what happened to the master of mule train basketball? His tenure at Minnesota ended in his firing. The Golden Gophers needed six of his 20 win seasons (actually failed to get 20 wins in his 4th season) to understand that he could not deliver a single season with a winning Big 10 record. Yes, dear Gopher fans finally figured out that Tubby Smith really is the total fraud of a basketball coach that Concerned Fans said he was way back in 2006 (and for several years prior). Smith then took his traveling snake oil show to Texas Tech, and in three seasons has posted a combined record of 46-50, and 18-36 in the Big 12, while dazzling the Red Raider fans with his plowing with among the slowest pace in the NCAA. Memphis became the Plow's next address, a tenancy that only lasted 2 seasons before the Tigers' brain trust figured out they had been the latest fraud victim. Tubby Smith has now returned to High Point, where he played college basketball. In his first season at High Point, he posted a record of 16-15 with the 333rd slowest pace in the land.

Minnesota 6 seasons

Texas Tech 3 seasons

Memphis 2 seasons

Perhaps High Point and Tubby deserve one another.

Concerned Fans were right on the mark about every aspect of Tubby Smith's destruction of the UK Basketball program. Some even believed he implemented an intentional act of destruction, but as the record since 2007 clearly shows, the UK platform served to mask his complete ineptness as a college basketball coach. Good Luck with your man Texas Tech. At least the Knight clan produced overall winning records for your program.


Big Blue Fans Must Never Forget!!!!!


UK Should NEVER remember this man with a banner in Rupp's Rafters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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A Call To Action

It is time for the Big Blue Nation To Send a Unified Call To the National Media and the Crooked NCAA
That We Have Had Enough!!!!!
We Are Mad As Hell,
And We Aren't Going To Take It Anymore!!!!

Here Is The Call To Action
Issued To All Current Members
of this Website


BigBlueFans4UK Now has a Facebook Group
Join In and Receive Notices Through the Group
Engage In Discussions With Other Members
Link To Group


@ BigBlueFans4UK
on Twitter

Take Full Advantage of the BigBlueFans' presence on Facebook and Twitter to Engage the Enemy!!!!


Coach Calipari Cries "Foul"
Following the Elite 8 Loss to North Carolina


Even Jay Williams and Doug Gottlieb Point Out
How The Cats Got Hosed By the Officiating on Sunday


Seth Greenberg Understands Why UK Fans are Upset with John Higgins.

He points out that UK fans aren't stupid. They see the bias. The first half calls were atrocious. Greenberg also points out other similar experiences between UK and Higgins including the bad calls in the UCONN game and in the Wisconsin game. Greenberg went even further to explain why this bias occurs. Greenberg said certain coaches (implying Calipari) and certain refs (implying Higgins) just don't get along. and that it is known that some refs (Higgins) hold grudges, have memories that affect their calls even though that is simply not right. Greenberg also added that there are some refs that have an agenda based on their past interactions.


John Higgins Is the Most Hated Offical In College Basketball


Alan Cutler-WLEX 18 and His Response


Larry Vaught Posts The Call To Action At Vaught's Views


Sign A Petition Aiming to Prevent John Higgins From Ever
Working Another UK Basketball Game
(When I signed on 3/28/17, over 5,000 had signed)
(As of the morning of 3/30/17 over 13,000 have signed)

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Why Does the Cheating Against UK occur?

Here are some thoughts from long time Big Blue Fans:

Fan #1's Response:

That is an easy answer.
First, winners are always hated. UK has won more games than any other team.
Second, UK fans are obnoxious. We cower to no one and we are proud of our team.
Third, UK coaches have traditionally been publically
adverse to the NCAA's Nazi type governance.
Fourth, UK has a long record of NCAA violations and penalties
up to and including the death penalty.
Fifth, Cal led programs that were caught cheating twice.
Each time he had teams in the championship game.
He is perceived by the NCAA as being sleezy.
Combine his continued recruiting success with his past recruiting infractions
and you have deep suspicion.
In short, UK is perceived to be a school that has dominated college basketball
by thumbing their noses at the NCAA,
On the other hand, UNC and Duke have been perceived
to be very clean over the years.
Additionally, both schools are considered elite educational institutes
and they have a large number of alumni that are welled heeled
and in influential positions.
Obviously, UNC now has a cloud over its head currently,
but traditionally, it has been perceived as squeaky clean.

Editor's Note: Perceptions, even when not based on facts, often become reality when repeated over and over. The man on the street believes Calipari has been caught cheating twice (Umass and Memphis), but the facts are completely the opposite. Yet, it is North Carolina that has engaged in academic fraud for decades to keep otherwise ineligible players on the court. This cheating occurred under every UNC head coach since the sacred Dean Smith. Yes, the Crooked NCAA has done absolutely nothing to apply penalties or sanctions against UNC for this flagrant academic fraud.

Fan #2's Response:

It started in the early days with Rupp.
He changed basketball and the establishment rarely likes change.
It got worse in the late 40's with the scandal situation
in the early 1950s adding fuel to the fire.
The Eddie Sutton days kept it going, and of course
they hate Calipari, for many of the same reasons they hated Rupp.

I think a lot of it goes back to Rupp if they PO'D him,
he would pretty much tell them to go to Hell.
One year (1950, after winning the NCAA in 1948 and 1949),
Rupp wouldn't play in the NCAA because
the NCAA demanded that UK play a "play in" game against NC State (NCAA politics)
when UK had the better record, was higher ranked,
fared better against common opponents, and had beaten the #1 ranked team.
(UK returned to the NCAA in 1951, and won again)

In 1954, Rupp refused play again, this time because
the NCAA declared Cliff Hagan, Frank Ramsey, and Lou Tisoropoulos
aka The Studious Three, ineligible
because they were all graduate students.
The 1954 team was undefeated.
Due to NCAA sanctions, there was no season the year before,
but those 3 stuck around to play another year as grad students.
The NCAA allowed them to play the regular season,
but declared them ineligible for the tournament because they were grad students.
Had they studied less and failed to graduate on time,
they would have been eligible.
They were punished for being good students.
Rupp didn't want to ruin the undefeated season without his 3 stars.

BTW there were years (1944, 1946, and 1947)
when Rupp chose to play in the NIT over the NCAA.
Till the NCAA declared conference champions must play in the NCAA tournie,
the NIT field was in some years the stronger tournie.
The NCAA played on college campuses.
The NIT played in Madison Square Garden, gave expense money,
and made it's offers before the NCAA.

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What Are the Specific Instances of NCAA Cheating Against UK?
(Compiling this list with the help of BBF4UK members)

Since arriving at UK, Coach Calipari has taken
seven of his eight teams to the NCAA Tournament,
producing an overall 27-6 record while winning one title.

John Higgins has officiated three of the six losses
2011 FF game against Connecticut
2015 FF game against Wisconsin, and
2017 E8 game against North Carolina.
In addition, Higgins' BOSS, Curtis Shaw,
also officiated the 2010 E8 loss to West Virginia

These two crooked officials account for
four of UK's six NCAA Tournament losses over the last 8 seasons.

John Higgins Sabotage of Kentucky
from cal for the win on Vimeo.
(HMMMM! It seems SOMEONE has had this video of John Higgins' Thievery in the UK - UNC game taken down?


Or How about this one (Against UConn in 2011 Final Four) CLICK HERE TO VIEW GIF?


Or How About John Higgins' call on this one (Against UConn in 2014 Championship Game) CLICK HERE TO VIEW GIF? .


You tell me. How can an honest official make these calls so consistently against one team? Is He A Thief!!!!!

Some counter our claims of Cheating by arguing that John Higgins is not cheating but is just a bad official.
Really!!! Then why would the NCAA repeatedly reward such a bad official with the biggest Marquee games?

The NCAA and John Higgins cannot have it both ways!!

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Other Instances of NCAA Cheating?
(Compiling this list with the help of BBF4UK members)

UNCCHeaters says Academic Fraud
Is Not A Matter For NCAA Enforcement!!!

Academic Fraud cases are subject to NCAA enforcement
for everyone else, it appears,
except UNCCHeaters. Why?

University of Missouri Under NCAA Investigation for Academic Fraud

Notre Dame Must Vacate Wins Due To Academic Misconduct

East Carolina University Penalized by NCAA for Self Reported Academic Fraud

Purdue Women's Basketball Sanctioned by NCAA for Academic Fraud

NCAA Upholds Donnie Tyndall's 10-Year Show-Cause Penality For Academic Fraud

Cal State University Northridge Punished by NCAA for Academic Fraud


This list could continue endlessly giving credence to the "joke" that circulates among college fans"
"UNCCHeaters (or DUKE) Accused of NCAA Violations, NCAA Drops Hammer On Cleveland State"

Do You Think This is Outlandish? Then Please Explain the Following:

Why UNCCHeaters' Wins and Titles Are Safe From NCAA Enforcement!

No slam dunk UNC hoops will be punished for academic fraud allegations


Newly released legal bills show UNC's costs
related to the long-running academic-athletic scandal
are approaching $18 million.

From mid-2015 to near the end of last year, UNC said Friday that it has spent another $5.6 million on legal costs for the NCAA investigation, three lawsuits by former athletes who say they were harmed by the scandal and document reviews for two public records requests. UNC had previously spent roughly $12 million on legal, investigative and public relations costs related to the scandal involving classes that had no instruction and provided high grades for papers regardless of quality.

The legal bills are likely to continue for many months. Two of the athlete lawsuits await a decision in a federal court in Winston-Salem. U.S. District Judge Loretta C. Biggs held a hearing nearly a year ago to determine whether the cases should proceed to discovery, but has yet to issue a ruling.

Meanwhile, the NCAA's case against UNC, which includes major allegations of lack of institutional control and unethical conduct, was delayed again last week after one of the creators of the bogus classes, Deborah Crowder, an office manager for the African studies department, said in an affidavit that they were legitimate. She had not agreed to previous interview requests by the NCAA, but is now tentatively consenting to be interviewed.

The quote in RED, about delaying this thing yet again, is news. Remember, the NCAA issued a third set of notice of violations back in the winter. This appears to be a defensive tactic by the UNCCHeaters to send the NCAA back into investigation mode, which as we have seen, is a tactic UNCCHeaters have used at least twice before, buying them 1 to 2 years each time. These people are the slime balls of the universe. The NCAA will gladly take advantage of the delaying tactic to hide under the proverbial rock again for 1 to 2 years, hoping this entire sordid mess just somehow goes away. Don't you wonder why Deborah Crowder is suddenly willing to testify and is changing her story to say now that the courses were really legitimate afterall. Gee Whiz, she could have cleared this entire misunderstanding up years ago, so it begs the question, why is this even an issue. Of course, that is what the NCAA and UNCCHeaters have been trying to say to the world for years, right?

Cloud of NCAA investigation still hangs over North Carolina


Maryland President:
‘I would think' UNC would receive death penalty
April 10, 2017

... In response, Loh made an unprompted reference to UNC.
“As president I sit over a number of dormant volcanoes, One of them is an athletic scandal. It blows up, it blows up the university, its reputation, it blows up the president. For the things that happened in North Carolina, it's abysmal. I would think that this would lead to the implementation of the death penalty by the NCAA.
But I'm not in charge of that.
” ...

Few University Presidents (actually none to my knowledge) have spoken out publically about the UNCCHeaters' Academic Fraud. Maryland's President Loh did not do so either. These remarks were captured by an unnamed faculty member at a meeting and the faculty member leaked the audio to the Charlotte News Observer. Loh was replying to a question about how he could be certain that the University of Maryland is “protected from the corrupting influence of athletics.”




Rut Roh Elroy, Don't You Fear the University of Maryland May Now Be A Target of the NCAA!
Or Kentucky?
Or Cleveland State?






In the 2017 Final Four game between Oregon and UNCCHeaters, at the end of the game, the score was 77-76 with 4 seconds remaining, and UNCCHeaters at the line for 2 free throws. After missing both, Meeks for UNCCHeaters climbed over the back of two Oregon players to get an offensive rebound and end the game. This was clearly a foul which should have awarded one of these Oregon players two free throws, but the officials swallowed their whistles. Game Over with UNCCHeaters moving to the Championship Game. THE FIX IS CLEARLY IN!!! Arkansas was a victim of the FIX; Kentucky was a victim of the FIX; and now Oregon is a victim of the FIX.
View a video at this link

Are We Witnesses To the NCAA's Payback
For Their Failure To Assure the Championship in 2016?
How Dare Villanova go and do such an unspeakable deed as make a winning shot against the Annointed UNCCHeater Tar Heels!!!!!

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What Should The NCAA Do To Address these issues?
(Compiling this list with the help of BBF4UK members)

  • Authorize a special, independent investigation into the alleged bias
    of referee John Higgins with a specific time frame for reporting the findings.
    • Direct all current and former NCAA Basketball personnel, whether referees, NCAA staff, coaches, or players to cooperate fully with the investigation
    • Authorize the investigator to pursue leads about Mr. Higgins, or any other referee's potential bias affecting games
    • Publish a final report that includes a full accounting of the scope of the investigation, together with findings of fact and conclusions of law
  • Beginning with the 2017-18 basketball season, make all officials accountable for their work on the court with the following minimum requirements:
    • Require the officiating team to face the public via a press conference within 10 minutes upon the conclusion of each Division I college basketball games.
    • Create an independent (not involved with NCAA but funded entirely by NCAA TV Revenue) College Basketball Review Board who views game film and grades each game official individually. The College Basketball Review Board shall publish the game grades for each official within 7 days after the game's conclusion.
    • Create a professional college basketball referee force, funded by the NCAA, trained by the NCAA, and scheduled for the season, regular and tournament, by the NCAA. Training and officiating methods and points of emphasis must be uniform to eliminate variations by conference
    • Create a confidential mechanism by which each head coach can "blacklist" up to three (3) of the NCAA officials prior to each season. If three (3) or more coaches blacklist the same official, the NCAA must eliminate that official from employment by the NCAA immediately.
  • Immediately complete the enforcement action against North Carolina for its decades of Academic Fraud
    • A 2 year death penalty on the UNCCHeaters basketball program with an additional 2 year ban on NCAA Tournament Participation or any other post season play
    • Purge all wins gained by the use of any ineligible players from NCAA and UNCCHeaters record books and archives
    • Purge all NCAA appearances, including championships, between 1990 and 2013, including the removal and destruction of all banners, placards, signs, or other displays memorializing these appearances, wins, or championships.
    • Public proclamation of the details of all UNCCHeaters Academic Fraud between 1990 and 2013 including the names of players involves, coaches involved, athletic directors involved and University Presidents involved.
    • Fines against UNCCHeaters equivalent to 3x their NCAA revenues during the 1990-2013 period. The NCAA must not be the beneficiary of these fine payments. Rather, all money collected in this manner must go to fund the new independent College Basketball Review Board noted above.


Look for Additional Information on this page, as it will be modified as often as necessary to keep all concerned fans informed regarding the efforts, goals and objectives, and targets of this activity to STOP THE CHEATING!!!!


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