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More trouble for Gillispie as allegations of mistreatment surface

As much as it pains me to admit it, it seems very clear that the allegations of player abuse, poor personal judgment, and refusal to deal with his superiors in a professional manner during his two years at Kentucky ring surprisingly familiar to the reports that have emerged from Texas Tech, almost from the day of his arrival there. The decision to hire Gillispie at Kentucky seemed logical at the time it occurred because of his apparent record at Texas A&M and UTEP. However, it also seems clear that the UK Administration could not have performed sufficient background checking, as their duty of Due Diligence would require, prior to extending an offer to the man. That failure cost the University of Kentucky untold money, and risked the very prestige the administration is charged to protect.

Clearly the Gillispie Era is a Dark Blot on the UK Ledger


Settlement Agreement Entered Between
UKAA and Gillispie
October 13, 2009
Read It Here

Gillispie Era of Kentucky Basketball
Ends After Second Season,
A Season Full of
Controversy and Disappointment

Billy Came "Home"
It's Billy G's Town!!!

Basketball Times Feature
"Big Blue Billy Clyde"
September 2007

Coach Billy G
Ryan Parker

UK has horse named Billy
in recruiting race

By WENDELL BARNHOUSE, staff writer
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
July 22, 2007


Coach Gillispie Speaks To Press
On July 16, 2007
About Recruiting, Early Commitments, and Next Season's Team


Gillispie brings top young talent to Kentucky
July 6, 2007
Mike DeCourcy's SportingBlog


When Billy Clyde Gillispie Arrived in Lexington, it did not take long for the single female Cat Fans to Observe that Billy Gillispie is UNATTACHED
Here their Welcome to Clyde HERE


Coach Gillispie Talks About
Expectations For 2007-08
With Larry Vaught


Billy Gillispie's Press Conferences
May 17, 2007


Billy Gillispie's 2007 Recruiting Rush Is Very Successful


We're Back!


Prepare For Number 8

One of the first Billy Clyde Gillispie
Autographed Kentucky Basketball

Contributed by Price Huston

The future is in his hands
Focused on work, driven to win
April 23, 2007
By C. Ray Hall
Louisville Courier Journal

April 8, 2007
Danville Advocate


Gillispie is a good fit for UK
April 8, 2007
Danville Advocate


A Former Rupp Assistant Neil Reid Speaks About Coach Gillispie and his "fit" at Kentucky
"Why does A&M have a Billy Gillespie and UK doesn't? ... Get to know him. He is pure as a West Texas stream. Golly gee, I am excited and I hope UK fans realize, as an excellent old coach called from Florida to tell me, "The Wildcats just got a better coach than Billy Donovan, Rick Pitino , or Roy Williams, if only they can see it and get behind him." READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

Donovan's roots too deep for move to UK
April 6, 2007
Mark Story


On April 6, 2007, Billy Gillispie became the new head basketball coach for the Kentucky Wildcats


That morning, UK announced a Pep-Rally at Memorial Coliseum at 12:15 pm followed by a Press Conference at the Craft Practice Facility at 12:45



Katman's Dynasty Defender Response To
The New Sheriff In Town





The following YouTube Videos Provide an Excellent Glimpse at Billy Gillispie the Man and the Coach.

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The following pictures are taken at the Pep-Rally at Memorial Coliseum on April 6, 2007

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